Projects Financed By Dahabshil Bank International

Micro-Dahab Project

Dahabshil Bank International Micro-financing projects are a vital tool for farmers and other entrepreneurs to upgrade their businesses or invest in the next growing season. However, Micro-Dahab offers a key bridge to climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

MicroDahab has the potential to help the most vulnerable adapt to climate change by providing individuals and households with a means of accumulating and managing the assets and capabilities needed to become less susceptible to shocks and stresses or cope with the impact.

Real State Project

Dahabshil Bank International’s Real Estate department deal with the construction of both residential and commercial buildings along with the purchase of land for development. All the homes which are built range from affordable to high-end with the bank offering support through monthly pay back schemes. Dahabshil Bank International began their residential Real Estate venture in 2015, building nine luxury houses for direct sales. The project itself proved to be a huge success resulting in the build of further homes around the country including Burco, Boramo and Hargeisa.


  1. The project capacity is estimated at 34,400 Metric Tons.
  2. The project is undertaken under international American and British standards.
  3. Two number bidirectional 12" dia pipelines for JET A-1 and gasoline/gasoil respectively with handling capacities of up to 1040m3/hr.
  4. Complete state of the art facility with modern office building, high capacity loading gantry, fire water tank and other safety considerations, and other requisite facilities.