services & Products

As a sharia complaint bank, there is no interest received or charged. The bank generates profits through asset-based lending,
in which we share the upside and occasionally the downside with our customers, in total tranparency.

Additional Services:

    Fund Transfer Services

    Letter of Credit

    Letter of Guarantee

    Bid Bond

    Remittance (Local/International)

    Saving Passbook

    Cheque Service

    Forex Service

    ATM/Debit Card

    Online Banking

    Mobile Banking

    Safe Deposit Boxes

Coming Soon Bancassurance:

    Property Takaful

    Construction and Engineering Takaful

    Marine Takaful

    Motor Fleet Takaful

    Employee Benefit

Current Deposits Schemes:

    Current Accounts Individual & Businesses

    Staff Accounts

    Saving Accounts

Upcoming Products

    Ummrah & Hajj Saving Account

    Dahabo Account (Female Clients)

    Mudaraba investment deposit

    Diaspora Investment and Real State Account

Current Finance Modes

    Current Accounts (individual & business)

    Saving Accounts

    Mudaraba Investment (fixed deposit)


    Vehicel Finance

    Real Estate Finance

    Trade Finance (Goods)


    Debit/Credit Card

Upcoming Finance Modes


    Diminishing Musharakah