To become the leading Islamic bank in the horn of the Africa offering comprehensive banking and financial services solutions to a wide spectrum of private and business clientele. We aim to always operate in a profitable, comprehensive and socially responsible manner..

To provide quality products, value and opportunity to the international customers, employees, shareholders and the community at large. This will be made possible through a combination of best practice banking, embracing technology, a commitment to customer service and good governance


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The Compliance Department operates under the policies established by the Group’s senior management. The purpose of the compliance department is to monitor the company’s AML/CFT policies and procedures to prevent, detect and report Money Laundering / Terrorism Financing. Mission: The mission of the Compliance Dept. is to ensure the implementation of the most effective compliance program in the Group. Objectives: The main objectives of the compliance department are:

To ensure the Group is committed to implementing the AML / CFT local & International Laws and Regulations

Ensure that staff are completely aware of the rules to prevent, detect and report Money Laundering / Terrorist Financing

Develop and implement effective AML/CFT and KYC procedures to monitor and report suspicious transactions to regulators

Develop and continue to update policies & procedures and continuously train employees

Cooperate with the Central Bank in combating Money Laundering and report suspicious transactions


he highly admired the task of the bank in the Somali region for it has proven its self to be the hope for the people of such underdeveloped region.

David Cameron

Former British PM

We welcome any such project contributing to the overall economy and magnificence of the country. The opening of Dahabshiil Bank International is a great contribution to the country’s development.

Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo

Former Somaliland President

it’s delightful to witness the opening ceremony of Dahabshiil Bank International, a long, costly and great undertaking by the company which its successful completion delights not only the company’s owner but the entire Somali regions.

Edna Adan Ismael

founder of Edna Adan Maternity Hospital

Dahabshil Bank International goes above and beyond to help grow the economy within all regions its operates, we are practically minded and service driven, every day we go the extra mile to help our clients grow their business.

Abdirashed Mohamed Saed