Saving Account

Saving Account

DBI facilities saving account that are true to the teaching of Islamic banking and secure.

Saving Account

Dahabshil Savings Account is a whole Sharia-compliant facility is one of the conservative investment options, which helps you to store your additional funds safely with the bank.

A saving account is an interest-bearing deposit account whereby savings are kept separate from your deposit money. If for you have a long-term investment, making regular deposits and seeing it grow can help drive you to save, for your different aims such us, new furniture, a wedding or vehicle or a vacation.

Features and Benefits

  • Cheque book facility
  • Debit card
  • Free Monthly statement
  • Access to E-Banking
  • Online utility payment
  • Stop Lost card in online
  • SMS banking


  • Identification (have any of the following: Passport or National ID)
  • Two passport Photographs
  • Income Justification
  • Address justification
  • KYC requirements, norms to be completed before opening a current account

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